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About us

About Kenmore Garage Door

Kenmore Garage Door Repair supplies and provides a 24/7 emergency service throughout Kenmore, and some places in the surrounding area. We are the best choice for you because we go the extra mile for our customers and we make sure to provide you with the professional garage door installations and services, unmatched in all the Kenmore area. We can guarantee you that.

At Kenmore Garage Door Repair, we’re always dedicated to provide you with the best garage door service and repair you might get. We have provided services to home owners, industrial and commercial places, insurance companies, government buildings, retail outlets, and even supermarkets and hotels.

We have found something really important that make us what we are. Some places or companies worry more about providing a lot of services to several persons, without really caring about the quality of the services. Here, at Kenmore Garage Door Repair, that’s something unacceptable that we cannot do, and we won’t do, no matter the circumstances. We are always worrying about providing the best service to all our customers, without worrying about anything else. For us, your comfort and satisfaction is really important. We always try to maintain the highest level of quality and professionalism in all our jobs of repair and installation. From something complicated to something simple, we ensure that it will be done as perfectly as it could be done, and faster than a blink of an eye. We offer regular servicing of all Kenmore Garage Door Repair doors, no matter the type. Commercial doors, residential doors, domestic doors, we service and repair them all. We also repair openers, replace springs and provide a reparation or recalibration service for remote controls. We guarantee your satisfaction, since our work is 100% certified.

We are your best choice if you want to install, repair, service or replace a garage door and its accessories. If you want to change the springs, service the garage door, check the opener system, completely change and install a new garage door, we can do it for you. And remember our 24/7 service. If you are in the need of an expert to solve your problems, and you worry about the hour, or the place, don’t worry, contact us, we will solve it for you, at any time, at any moment. Our experts are trained and well equipped to do so, and leave you free of frustration and stress. Do not worry anymore about that malfunctioning garage door. We will put it to work smoothly in no time.

If that weren’t enough, Kenmore Garage Door Repair we have warrantee for our services and products. If there’s a situation where one of our experts make a mistake, don’t worry, we will solve it without charge. The same is with our products. Openers, springs, locks, any kind of accessories that might come damaged; you will be getting a new one without having to pay. You can be relaxed about our services, we guarantee a well done job, and your satisfaction is secured.

At Kenmore Garage Door Repair we do our best to make sure that your safety will be guaranteed. And also, we worry about providing a perfect service for our customers, since that is what makes us the best choice for garage doors services. Our high-quality services, our warrantee and our advising service, are what make us what we are.