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Kenmore Garage Door broken springs Repair

Are you having issues with your garage door? Can you hear something whenever you open it, but you can’t tell what it is? The sound and the frustration is getting you crazy? You might need the help of an expert, and Kenmore Garage Door Repair is able to provide you with that particular expert. Having problems with garage door is something really common those days, and one of the most common problems are the springs. Broken springs are something that might happens more often than people think. Especially when you are using bad quality springs with a short period of time.

Kenmore Garage Door Repair knows really well how annoying a spring can be. Springs have a limited period of time, which means that you can open your garage a number of times until it starts to get broken. The life time of springs depends of its quality, and the installation might affect too. Here, at Kenmore Garage Door we worry not only about your satisfaction, but also about your safety. We are able to provide you with a repair or replacement service that will free you of problems with springs, since we use the best quality in springs, and our experts are well trained to install it as perfectly as possible.

Torsion Springs

Kenmore Garage Door broken springs Repair

Sometimes, when you have problems with your garage door, you might hire an inexpert worker to get rid of the problems. Sometimes, the problem is something simple and it might work. But, commonly, an inexpert commit mistakes while they work. That’s something that happens very often when we talk about springs. They usually use bad quality springs, because they are cheaper, and can solve your problem but just for a really short quantity of time. It is better if you count with the help of an expert, equipped with the latest technology and equipment, and trained to do a perfectly done job, using the best springs to replace.

If you start to feel that your garage door is acting weird, it is time to pay some attention to it. If it starts to make loud sounds whenever you open, or you can see some problem when your garage door is moving, it might have something to do with the springs.  Maybe it got broken, or rusted, or perhaps twisted, everything can happen, and you can’t tell exactly what the problem is. Kenmore Garage Doors Repair will be there for you to provide you with the solution you need the most. We can do service or even replace your springs for new ones, in no time. Don’t trust in springs that are made to work for a life time. They have a limited life time, and they have to be changed when they start to give problems. It is important to mention this: Never try to open a garage door with damaged springs, it might come to a dangerous or problematic situation. Also, never try to repair it by yourself; it is a very dangerous task, and it should be done by a professional.

Extension Spring

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These extension springs are usually used in small garage doors, since they fit perfectly on them. Since they are similar to normal springs, extension springs can have cause similar problems.  . The symptoms of a damaged extension springs are the same. If it starts to make loudly sounds, or your garage door acts weird whenever you open it, it is time to change those extension springs.  Call your experts at Kenmore Garage Door Repair whenever you feel that your garage door is having problem with a broken spring. They are professionals in repairing and giving service to your garage doors, and they guarantee your satisfaction.

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