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    Garage door Service Kenmore invites you to check their online image gallery
    so you can see their vast selection of different garage doors models,
    for commercial, residential and domestic purposes.
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    Garage Doors
    Getting a new garage doors might be a big decision for you and your family.
    It is also a really big investment. We want you to be informed before doing taking that decision. You need to know very
    well what kind of product is the best for you. We want you to avoid taking a bad decision
    just because the garage door is cheap, or it looks great. The garage door is an important
    part of your house, and it can ensure your safety and the appeal of the front part of the house ,
    that’s why you have to be really careful about what to get, and don’t worry, we can provide you with it.
  • Kenmore Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Call our experts at Kenmore Garage Doors and they will repair any problem related
    to your garage door, but not only that, they
    can install, replace and service your garage door to put
    it to work smoothly as it was new.
Garage Door Service in Kenmore: (425) 209-0668

Garage Door Service Kenmore

New Door Installation

Install your dreamed garage door in your house, and make it look good. The appeal of your house will improve incredibly after the installation.

Garage Door Kenmore, WA

New Opener Installation

Our experts at Kenmore Garage Doors can install the latest garage door openers to your gate, and they will make sure to install the best opener system for you

Garage Door Service Kenmore

Garage Door Repair Kenmore

Our garage door repairs are well known for being effective and fast. We supply and provide a 24/7 service that will help you out at any time. You just need to make a call, and we will go to your place.

Kenmore Garage Doors

If you are look for the best service related to garage doors, contact Kenmore Garage Doors. We guarantee you that our experts will solve your problems smoothly in a blink of an eye. We are more than prepared to provide you with an excellent service, since our technicians experienced and trained people equipped with the latest technology to do so. If you are having some problems or doubts with a garage doors, call us. You can also contact us and we will provide with free advice’s. Visit our store or check our web page to know more about what we provide.  Look for our different brands, materials for garage doors, openers and accessories. We know that you value your security, privacy and comfort. That’s why we try to ensure it, not only by providing you the best repair and installation service; we also do maintenance to ensure the lifetime of your garage door. Kenmore garage doors the solutions for all your problems, and the latest accessories and openers for your garage door.

If you need to change the style of your house by installing a new garage door or you want to replace your old garage door for a new one, you can count on us.

Kenmore Garage Doors provides you with a advices whenever you need them, since we also have a 24/7 service. You can enjoy it just by contacting us, we will solve your problems, and if you have doubts, we can provide you with assessment. There’s nothing worse than buying something unnecessary, and we want you to avoid that situation.

In Kenmore Garage Doors, we have a huge variety of different products and brands, and even models for garage doors, openers and remote controls. We can also provide with your  own designed garage door if you request it. Our services extend a full warrant in any of our services and products. If they start to give you some problems while the warrantee is up, you can change it for a new product, and if our service was bad installed, you can also enjoy a new service without charges.

We have a wide numbers of materials, since we want to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. We have steel, if you want something durable and resistant. We have the classic wood for a door with style and durability. Plastic doors that are lighter than everything, and even accessories and openers for every kind of garage door. We also have doors with thermal insulation. We know everything about that subject, and we can provide you with a garage door that can resist or maintain the heat.

We can also provide you with a really useful service, where our experts go to your place and check your garage, and will give you the answer about what kind of garage door is the best for you. We want you to enjoy a good garage door made just for you, and we will make sure to provide you with it.

Garage Door Service in Kenmore

Who we are

Kenmore Garage Doors is a company experienced in providing the best service possible. We worry about your satisfaction, that’s why our experts have been trained and equipped to give you a service that will satisfied your needs and meet your expectative.


We work with a wide variety of materials, since we want you to have access to any kind of garage door. We can provide you with classy wooden doors, or even with plastic and steel doors. You just choose what you want, and we will install it for you.


We know everything related to thermal insulation. Our doors can be done with a special material that can guarantee maximum thermal containment and resistance.


We offer different types of openers for any kind of garage doors. Heavy or lighter garage doors; we have exactly what it needs. We can provide you with a strong, loudly opener, or a quietly, not-that strong opener.

Affordable Service

You will enjoy any of our products and services by a good price.

Reliable Services

Since we know very well how important time is, we will provide you with a service that will be done right in the first try, or at least, 99% of the time.

Professional Services

Our technicians are experts that are certified for the job. Trained, and equipped with the latest equipment, they will provide an excellent service.

Clients Testimonials

  • Eugene Clarkson

    My wife and I where deciding which garage door we should buy. She wanted an expensive, glass garage door, but I wanted something more classic, a wooden garage door. We asked for advice to Kenmore Garage Doors and we ended buying a plastic garage door. It was the best choice for both of us, since it looks like wood, but its lighter, and my wife is able to open it by herself.

  • Johan Ramsay

    Once I had a problem with my remote control. My house has a really heavy garage door and it can be opened by one person. We use a opener and suddenly, my remote control stopped working. I called for help and Kenmore Garage Doors came with help. I was very surprised, because it was late at night. They solved my problem really quickly!

  • Dexter Armstrong

    Kenmore Garage Doors gave me the solution for a really annoying problem of mine. You know, whenever I opened my garage door, there was this weird annoying sound, and I didn’t know what it was until I called for help, and an expert came to help. He changed the springs for new ones, and now I’m free of that annoying sound.

Our Basic Services

Kenmore Garage Doors offers and supplies a huge amount of services, done to fulfill the needs of our customers. The satisfaction of our clients is really important to us, that’s why are specialize in three different services:

Garage Door Repair Kenmore

Kenmore Garage Door Installation

Installation of any kind of garage doors and garage door openers. We can even replace the whole system to install a new one if you are in the need.

Kenmore Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Repair Service

Do not let your garage door get damaged with the passing of time. You can improve the lifetime of your garage door by doing constant service to it.

Kenmore, WA Kenmore Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Kenmore

We offer a huge amount of different repair services. We can repair your opener, your garage door, springs, and broken remote controls. You just have to ask and be sure to say what exactly what you need.

Garage Door Service Kenmore

Wait no longer. Enjoy our different services and products. Get that garage new garage door and improve the appeal of your house. Change those old damaged springs. Change that malfunctioning opener.  Call us if you are in the need of someone that could solve your problems. Contact us to enjoy our 24/7 emergency service. Your satisfaction is our priority, remember that.

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